"Trigger Time" Demo - 2016

by Total Reality

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released November 2, 2016

Total Reality is:
Sebastian - Vocals
Basti - Bass
Marcel - Drums
Yannick - Guitar

Recorded October 29th/30th in Mannheim.
Artwork by Thauer.
Tapes out now on SFR-HC.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yannick Grönlund.



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Total Reality Germany

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Track Name: Trigger Time
Armed to the teeth
We take the lead
You‘re getting wasted
We take the heat

Heads will burst
Kept away
Anger and hate
Pave the way

Cast-iron by the sledge
Sharpened our tools
We are the Straight Edge
You are the fools

Got arms to prime
It is trigger time
Track Name: Total Reality
Hiding in an inner exile
All‘s self-deluded
White lies turn vile
Living a life polluted

Total Reality
30 years asleep
Total Reality
Life ain‘t cheap

Laying frozen in terror
Everything’s lost in space
Call me human error
Ain’t got no face

Total Reality
Track Name: The Masquerade
I am walking this earth,
yet a stillborn leech,
faking life since birth
I am a lazy masquerade
A shitface lacking soul,
not a person, just a role

Stranded here by accident,
ringleader to all fuck ups,
far from real, I must pretend,
this charade has no end

A shitface lacking soul,
not a person, just a role
A full blown tool,
my own god damn ghoul

A shitface lacking soul,
not a person, just a role
Track Name: On A Manhunt
You fear yourself
You judge by looks
Hide in your box
Then call us crooks
You’re deflecting
Thinking by the books

On a manhunt
Spreading out
On a manhunt
Beyond doubt

Always preaching water
But drunk with wine
Keep running wild
To me that’s fine
Hey, fucking hypocrite
Here’s your chance to shine

On a manhunt
Track Name: Tales Of Guilt
Take cover by hiding in bed,
life is pain and you play dead.

Life, you simply get it wrong,
downgrade to omega,
weak not strong, you
choose to lose

Tales of guilt, back and forth,
self-pity up your sorry butt,
for all that it‘s worth, you
choose to lose

Take cover by hiding in bed,
life is pain and you play dead

You had it all,
the world was yours
Born-again weak,
now crawling on your fours

Choose to lose
Track Name: Piggyback
You wanna use us,
ride us piggyback,
a mind, that‘s what you lack

You snuck in for thrills,
You‘ll be better off popping pills

You wanna fuck us,
ride us piggyback,
a spine, that‘s what you lack

The time has come,
you‘ll learn truth hurts,
when you cross us laughing,
fits hit harder than words